Stemming from the peculiar dimensional aspect of the gallery's exhibition space, Vitrine Movimento is conceived as a special project in which artists are invited to develop a site specific piece. Working as an interface, showcase-sheath, the glass wall at the entrance of the gallery provides the highlighting of connections between inner and outer, content and container, visible and what can't be touched, art, space and its audience.

  • vitrine: Autorretrato, by Ze Garlos Garcia
    vitrine: Autorretrato, by Ze Garlos Garcia | artists: Angela Od | Bárbara Mangueira | Maria Mattos | Zé Carlos Garcia
    exhibition: A Queda - november, 21 - 2017

  • vitrine: Vitrine Alegria
    vitrine: Vitrine Alegria | artist: Toz
    exhibition: october, 7 - 2017

  • vitrine: Fora do ar
    vitrine: Fora do ar | artist: Xico Chaves
    exhibition: Solotransição - september 11, 2017

  • vitrine: Ato II - A prece
    vitrine: Ato II - A prece | artista: Viviane Teixeira
    exhibition: As múltiplas faces da rainha - August, 12 - 2017