Mateu Velasco

Individual Mateu Velasco


Mateu invests in the development of his drawing and painting, improving techniques and expanding his collection of objects and notes. Constructing, consequently, a collection.

As references, objects picked up from the streets, things that awaken a strong desire of keeping. Those that can t be picked up or kept (being too big, dirty, damaged or alive) he photographs or simply memorises to draw and digitalise later. A game of folding and unfolding, like packing and unpacking a suitcase. In these compartments are the things he d like to remember, that make him feel at home, being in Rio, Los Angeles, or flying anywhere else. The virtue of drawing is the precious and legitimate luggage. It is with it that one can assimilate the folding and unfolding world, in both the sense of expanding and that of compacting. Tricks that a nomad has to learn on his journey, since his home is the whole world and there is always a need of selecting the objects to be carried. 

Where the palpable things lay - his studio - a ritual of unfolding occurs. From the moment the suitcase is opened it reveals all types of things, from rabbits and diving suits to broken down cars. In common, characters whose heads explode into invented flower arrangements and bird nests, shoes and vehicles. Repeated archetypes that rearrange in a light frequency, like leaving your flip flops by the pool or taking a tea break. This same lightness appears in the scenes of escape from a flood. A distinguishable tranquility of one who sees and lives so much it is hard to bring them down.

Birds, fish, donuts, ladders and geometric solids, symbols and samples of different parts of the world are in this richly detailed catalogue. Sometimes with lines, sometimes in colour, the whole journey is an invitation to a high definition dive. In this expanding and compacting world of bits, lived and invented memories, material experimentation, from shadowing to transparency, the nomad continues his trip with precision and balance. 

Fernando De La Rocque