Mateu Velasco

Individual Mateu Velasco


Abrigo, or shelter, is a word that refers to different meanings. For those that are sheltered, the word can signify protection and comfort. It isn t, however, directly connected to housing or living, but to a process of internalisation. 

In the expressive and colourful spray and acrylic canvases, the artist shows that the act of painting and creating images becomes his natural habitat. From it emerge the feelings of each character that permeates his work. Mateu speaks of refuge, space semantics and a quiet habitat amongst an infinity of other definitions to the exhibition s title. 

Always allying artistic production to graphic design, in a way in which there is no limit between one technique and the other, Mateu reaffirms the nature of graffiti as a brand, a registration in the world.

Currently, Mateu works as an illustrator, visual artist and teacher of drawing and illustration in the schools São Vicente de Paulo and Escola Parque (both in Rio de Janeiro)  and in some studios at PUC-Rio.