Mateu Velasco

A mostra marca o fechamento de um ciclo de retratos iniciado por Mateu Velasco em 2008 com pesquisa dentro do tema: cores e seus significados mais profundos.


This exhibition symbolises the closing of a cycle of portraits initiated by Mateu Velasco in 2008 with research in the theme: colours and their deepest meanings. Owner of a characteristic language, the artist presents canvases of medium format, playing the same card, yet with a new exercise of proportion and chromatics. The artist’s portraits keep the pop language inside a very feminine universe, one of Mateu’s characteristics, that is influenced by graffiti, but with noble traces and precision from his training in illustration.

The pieces showcased in _morphosis portray women whose hair is intertwined with objects that, at first glance, seem random, but upon closer look share the thought of transformation or metamorphosis. The choice of each element removes objects from their normal context, forcing the spectator to look for less obvious meanings: the diamond, present in many works, can represent both the millennial transformation of nature and societies’ inversion of values: the apple refers to gravity and the transformations that happened from its discovery by Newton. Therefore, whilst morphosis is a latin radical that generated words in many languages, the elements in the canvases are, for Mateu Velasco, a visual play on object semiotics and word semantics. 

Besides the canvases, Mateu also showcases an installation made up of leftover textile spinnings, light hoses and diverse items collected along his routine. The choice of this material was made by the artist to propose a sensory experience besides his work’s two-dimensionality. -My work plays with daily iconography. The installation’s challenge is to remove an object from its daily function and insert it in a new contect.- Mateu explains. 

The exhibition takes part in the programme of the event Atlântico Contemporâneo, which also gathers the participation of many other art galleries in the Cassino Atlântico shopping centre, establishing it as a hub of contemporary art in Rio de Janeiro.