Avesso do Avesso

Avesso do Avesso

Mateu Velasco

Repletos de refer�ncias do cotidiano urbano, seus grafites sinalizam

Avesso do Avesso

Avesso do Avesso is a new series of Mateu Velasco’s work about his visual philosophy of life or, as a post-modern individual, of the moment. They are graphic reflections on his thoughts, feelings and daily interactions, daydreams captured in wood, canvas and paper.

The faces, usually very expressive, are replaced by forms, colours, patterns and textures that represent the chaotic chain of feelings that cross our minds at different moments as we float through life. Acquiring resistance to change in our daily battles, some sacred moments of peace live in chaos.

The creative process was reverted. This time the paintbrushes and canvases led the artist’s way, connecting his thoughts to the world. Ideas and feelings became lines, forms and colours that brought with them new words to the story. This series follows us like a song that becomes the soundtrack of our lives. Its melody keeps repeating itself in our heads.

Sharon Battat