Thais Beltrame

Thais Beltrame

São Paulo, 1976

Thais was born in São Paulo in 1976. With a degree in Fine Arts from the Columbia College of Chicago, she currently lives in works in São Paulo. Her work, constituted by drawings, engravings and installations refer to the innocence of childhood intertwined with themes like adult anxiety and memory. She possesses in her narrative structure a vast array of subjects like love, beauty, rage and solitude, subtly introduced and elaborated, strongly valuing the external appearance of simplicity. Along with the girls, boys and animals that make up her artistic landscape, these emotional anchors expose Thais’ dense capacity of telling stories and connecting characters and the life they carry from one work to another. 


Columbia College Chicago, Art & Design Bacharel (class of 2001)   

City College of San Francisco, General Studies (1996 to 1998)



Solo exhibition

2016 -  Primeiro as Florestas, Galeria Movimento - Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

2013 -  Onde não estou, Galeria Movimento - Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

2012- Finding home, Valentine Debadereau Gallery - Saint-Barthèlemy - Antilhas Francesas

2012 - A vida feliz, Espaço Revista CULT - São Paulo, Brasil

2011 - Gravity, Art Association of Jackson Hole - Jackson Hole, USA

2009 - When All the Stars are Gone, Carmichael Gallery of Contemporary Art - Los Angeles, USA



Group exhibition 

2017 - Somos todos Clarice, Galeria do Lago - Museu da República - Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

2015 - Un dessin est beau si la ligne est vivante, Le Pilori - Niort, França

2014 - New Territories: Laboratories for Design, Crafts and Art in Latin America - Museum of Art and Design - New York, USA

2014 - Affordable Art Fair - Londres, Inglaterra

2013 - No Limite da Linha, dconcept escritório de arte - São Paulo, Brasil                

2013 - Prix Canson 2013, Petit Palais - Paris, França

2011 -  Cada Ver: Projeto Parede, Museu de Arte Moderna - São Paulo, Brasil

2011 -  Aberto para Re-Forma, Casa Contemporânea - São Paulo, Brasil

2010 - 20 e Poucos Anos, Galeria Baró - São Paulo, Brasil

2010 - Sem Título & Sem Rótulo, Galeria Murilo Castro - Nova Lima, Brasil

2010 -  Incompletudes, Galeria Virgílio - São Paulo, Brasil

2010 - Ainda Desenho, Galeria Deco - São Paulo, Brasil

2010 - Buffalo Gals, Espaço + SOMA - São Paulo, Brasil

2009 - Coletiva Inaugural, Galeria nuVEM - São Paulo, Brasil

2009 - Leilão Bolsa de Arte - Galeria Bergamin - São Paulo, Brasil

2009 - Beyond Eden Art Fair, Carmichael Gallery of Contemporary Art - Los Angeles, USA

2009 - Four of a Kind, Espaço + SOMA - São Paulo, Brasil

2008 -GenArt Vanguard Art Fair, Carmichael Gallery of Contemporary Art - Miami, USA

2008 - II Circuito de Palestras: Olhar crítico sobre a arte Intervenções Urbanas, Galeria Potrich - Goiânia, Brasil

2008 - Every Now and Then, Carmichael Gallery of Contemporary Art - Los Angeles, USA

2008 - thais + san + john simpso , Ocontemporary Gallery - Brighton, Inglaterra

2008 - London Art Fair, Ocontemporary Gallery - Londres, Inglaterra

2007 -  Made in China, Galeria Plastik - São Paulo, Brasil

2006 - Ways of looking at: Places and Landscapes, Centro Fundación Telefónica - Lima, Peru